Right Resource, Right Individual, Right Time.

We accomplish this by:

Centralizing Resources

A one-stop shop that delivers an exciting visual journey to local events, services and resources from military and non-military organizations. Don’t spend hours going through a long list of links that seem to take you to more links? Instead enjoy a photo-filled platform that aggregates and organizes resources into actionable services you can take advantage of.

Personalizing the Experience

Utilizing today’s technology, we have simplified military life. By signing up and creating your "Gigline," you will discover the resources and services available based on your personal interests and needs. These resources not only enhance your military life, but also your social life.

Empowering our Members

Share the resources you find helpful, suggest events and activities you like, and provide feedback to the organizations on the programs and services they offer. It’s your military journey, so take charge!

Creating your own "Gigline"

With your unique profile page we give individual members a platform to create their own events and services. Want to throw a party? Create an Event. Are you a spouse that provides childcare? Create a service. Finally promote those events and services with members of the military community you trust.