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Living the Military Life...

MyGigline was founded by Mark Morris who recently separated from active duty continues to serve as captain in the reserves. While on active duty, Mark's primary responsibility was to maintain the morale and welfare of military members and their families. In this role, he realized that the military community is largely unaware of all of the great resrouces, events and activities available from both military and non-military organizations. The problem became even more evident when Mark transitioned to veteran life and struggled to find opportunities and services to fit his personal situation. Thus, MyGigline was born to solve the communication of available resources that meet the individual's needs and interests.

MyGigline is NOT your typical Military Website.

As active duty members, reservists, veterans, and family members of those who serve, we understand not only the challenges of military life, but also the perks that come from serving. We have centralized thousands of resources and categorized them not only by location and eligibility, but also your personal interests and needs. These resources include installation services, non-profit organizations, local businesses and the special perks that are afforded specifically to you. Our social information network interactively links our members with each other and leverages the power of the millions of members who are part of the military family. No matter if you still serve, have served, relocated or are currently deployed, you will remain a part of the military community.